Ampersandesign is an Oxford based agency offering print and web orientated brand communication and graphic design. Ampersand Design has over 40 years combined experience.
Starting with the communication objective, we embark on a three stage journey with our client that typically takes the following route plan.Ampersandesign team
First meeting
Project brief supplied......o r developed with the help of Ampersandesign
The brief is an attempt to put some shape and form into a process that's looking for the unexpected. Sir john HegartyA problem well stated is half solved. Vernon Howard. Client consultation
Design consultationResearch and ideas generation, initial drafts
Contributing to design resources with industry and market knowledgeI read once about the concepts of the lateral idea and the vertial idea. If you dig a hole and it's in the wrong place, digging it deeper isn't going to help. The lateral idea is when you skip over and dig someplace else. Seymour Chwast
Feedback to drafts helping to direct the design developmentContinued development and elimination of design outcomes until final selection is made
Stage 1 Stage 1 complete. First meeting The most intensive part of the development process, this stage invests time in research, divergent thinking and production of drafts based on a variety of concepts that meet the needs of the brief. We see creative input and client response as a two way shuttle service that brings clarity of ideas to all visual communication.Stage 1 complete. Artworking chosen designs and amending in response to feedback. Finalising selection of typefaces
Responses with amends to draft designs
Feedback and approvalRefining designs and making final amends
Stage 2. The smooth carriage of the first stage is crucial to the success of this next one. Arriving at this point with client approval on final drafts, the designs can now be artworked, refined and their production planned according to the client's print/digital needs.Stage 2 complete. Produce files in formats suited to client use and/or further production processes
Sign-off final artworkSupply completed design work. Print managment – where relevant

Stage 3. The final stage of the design journey involves further refinement, coordinating and supplying the work to the client (or next service provider). We offer a print management service to ease the flow of communication and ensure the project is concluded to the highest standard of finish.Stage 3 complete. If a client comes to you and says that they’re not really sure what to do, that’s one of the best relationships you can possibly have – when there’s an ackowledgement of a goal but the path to the end product is unknown, and they’re open to the collaboration. Abbott Miller